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Friday, 31 January 2014

Wake up my friend

I don't need the perfect words
for poetry to write
I use it my friend
for you to wake up

In a golden palace
live bunch of pigs
They drink, eat and laugh
until they get sick

I think your shoes
are eaten by mouse
Modern artist has painted
the walls of your house

You work all day
Have you deserved
that the wind blows
through the broken windows
while the bastards sleep
on the brilliant pillows

Wake up my friend
Lift up your spine
Press delete on weak
It's time to fight

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Time of sheep

Woman, man and a child
fought for their rights
Then came a new time
nothing more can be done

Dictators and the gods
took all our pride
It became very cheap
to turn a human into sheep

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ann wanted to write

Ann wanted to write
Something very great
She took Bill's advice
And started to meditate

The feeling was pleasant
But it wasn't just her brain
Like a bottle of vodka
That passed through
Russian hands
Pages of paper
Also achieved emptiness

Then she took Jill's advice
Borrowed the Book of secret success
Her notebook became empty
For one row less

She left home shouting
I am for nothing
Nobody can help

When she came out on the street
Old pretty lady threatened to beat
One young couple that was not discrete

On the next corner the noise repeated itself
Two men couldn't agree
Whose parking place it is

When she returned
Her head was ready to burn
But from her hand
She couldn't drop the pen

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Please stop pretending

Please stop pretending
That you are not a racist
And stop accusing me
For being a Satanist

Your hatred is so immense
That it expands
Beyond the borders
Of the Universe

You like his skin
But yours is always better
You respect his religion
But your God is greater

Please stop lying
Because of your faith
The children are crying
And you don't give a damn

In the name of God
You justify a murder
For offending your religion
You are calling me a monster

Please stop pretending
Please stop lying
You prefer hating
Over the loving

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lost people

Most of the people
Are afraid of themselves
They hide in a hug of society
Wanting to avoid dialog
Inside their souls

They accomplish everything
The society has dreamed of
Soon they realize
Houses, cars and money
Are not someone
With whom to talk

When they become aware
That happiness is another way
Years are lost
They feel like a ghost
In a haunted place

They want to turn around
Follow the right path
But listen how
They complain instead

Under the artificial color
I have many grays
Catching dreams
Is for youngsters
I will just be waiting
For death

What I want to say
To that pathetic excuser
You are making me mad
Even if you were
One hundred years old
To meet the end
You could wait
Until one hundred and ten

To throw ten years
In the garbage bin
Certainly it is a sin

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fools trying to steal an idea

With first string of light
I receive an idea
All duration of bright
I feel so ready for flight

Then come those fools
Twitching my bravery
Pulling my positivity
Stealing my tranquility

Listen to me now dummies
I do not enter into your stinky hole
I am a dragon
And not a mole

Find someone else to bother
You need a faint heart
That worm is a good example
He is still wearing pampers

Saturday, 18 January 2014

To my favorite poet

In every room you enter
Every bottle of wine dies
You open many doors
Only the yours you can not find

Although you are more than great
You should call yourself a misery
If you were my lawful husband
I would throw you into piggery

It is confusing how you manage
In that state of complete drunkenness
To speak the words
Of perfect uniqueness

I am too sober
Maybe that's why
I can not find
Such a glorious rime

Of your bohemian steps
I should follow the trail
To find that beloved bar
Where you have been down and up
At exactly the same time

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Anonymous friend

How looks your face
I could never tell
What is my name
You couldn't even guess

Tired of this civilization
Trying to find your salvation
You try to throw all your frustration
Writing on the biggest net

You accidentally became
My enormous inspiration
Thank you anonymous friend

Disease called fear

One coward
Pretending to be brave
Is turning others
Into his slaves

This disease
Is calling a fear
It is spreading
In every part of sphere

If there is no antidote
I make it
I chose resistance
You won't break it

Monday, 13 January 2014

Voice from the chest

I can not resist his voice
To follow him is my only choice
If I could I would be rich
But there is no way to turn off the switch

From the beginning
He controls my existence
He is the only
That avoids my resistance

If he lives in a Loch Ness
I would ignore his mess
But he has built his nest
Right here in my chest

Sunday, 12 January 2014


They talk too much
But nothing they say
The noise they make
Is stopping my brain
I hope to find
Emergency escape

They are so confident
That they will catch me
But no one knows
How fast I run
When there is a plan
To convert me into clone

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My miserable friend

They are so wise
Listen to them
Find a such job
That pays you well

Then buy a car
And perfect flat
Then ask yourself
Why you feel bad

For your misery
There is no one to blame
You listened to others
And not to yourself

My rich friend

You put the money
On the pile
Your neighbors think
That you really shine

But to make career
Wasn't your idea
But of your mum

All you want now
Is to sit and cry
But take your sorrow
And put it in the rime

My tourist friend

You will come here
When the sky is clear
Drunk of the sun
Looking at the sea
You will tell me
That this is a place
Where you want to be

I will tell you as a friend
Look at that waiter
He smiles at you for bread
But what he really wants
Is to hit you in the head

I love you
And I want to say
This is not a place
Where you want to stay