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Friday, 9 May 2014

The sad city tree

The city tree sobs
dreams the impossible dream
of getting the legs
escaping into the forest

The city tree hates
the stinky rancid asphalt
the dirty scratchy buses
the noisy old cars

The city tree likes
singing of the sparrow
whispers of the breeze
greetings of the rainbow

The city tree's dream
sinks in the dirt
I think about tree
My vulnerable heart hurts


  1. Hey Kristy, I am tagging you in a bloghop. I hope you don't mind. Just 4 questions you may wish to answer, or not. But you will find a link to your blog shortly on . Thanks

    1. Thank you very much Katya! I am honored. :) I will answer to your questions, if I don't have to reveal some big secret. :D