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Thursday, 14 May 2015

On My Birthday

On my birthday
I don't have a feeling
to have a hill
of years ahead

I am plotting
a selfish plan
as a princess
to live each day

I could listen
to music for example
or read a novel
until I "lose"
every moment

To all things
that cause me
the cosmic headache
I could say
goodbye forever

I could write
an amusing poem
that will be read
by youngsters
after my death

On my birthday
I am plotting
a selfish plan
to all I have to
but don't want to
to say goodbye
and to say hello
to all I want to
but don't have to


  1. Happy B'day Kristy,what a beautiful thought,i love each line...lovely.

  2. Thank you very much my friend! :)

  3. Hello kristy i like to read your poems .They are so simple and profound.when ever i read your poems i never come across any lines that I dont understand.Your thoughts are more personalised In your words.may you be joyful in life and writing.

    1. Hello Willy Joseph! Thank you very much for your kind words! I always thought that poems by my favorite poet are so simple, but profound, it's so nice to know that someone thinks the same about my poems. :) I wish all the best to you too, in life and in writing! :)