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Monday, 3 March 2014

Abandoned palace

Old roof decaying
no one afraid
of falling bricks

The furniture covered with dust
no one afraid
of asthmatic attack

Once castle
now the dance club
for ghosts

Once filled with gold
now the rats
live in the cold

He left his health
in the factory
in the foreign land

He wanted his heirs
after his death
to live in wealth

They refused to live
in the palace
in the middle of nothing

In the name of the fame
they moved to the city
to search for something


  1. Love the phrasing..Especially "dance club for ghosts".. great imagery

  2. Thanks! :) I was thinking about people who are working hard to build a house for their children, and then, when the children grow up they go to live in other places, and the big house stays empty. I think that we shouldn't be obsessed with accumulating material things.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey! You have a beautiful blog ;o)

    2. Thank you very much! You are so nice! :)