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Monday, 10 March 2014

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect
doesn't sit with me
Mr. Perfect
doesn't drink my tea

He is so clean
never speaks with mess makers
He is so clever
never eats with troublemakers

He is so brilliant
never uses the spell checker
He is so amazing
doesn't need the calculator

He calculates in his head
who will be his friend
Rule breakers cannot spread
to his glory comprehend


  1. Replies
    1. What about him? :) He doesn't want to drink tea with you neither? :) Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and Mr. perfect is never satisfied. Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

  3. perfection is an illusion .... does everybody die or are they too perfect for that ? what about ms or miss or mz perfections, are they out there too or is this perfection fantasy geared toward the male race itself alone ?

    personally, i don't drink my tea with pinky in the air .... rather my middle finger upwards reaching for the sky as if i could touch it somehow ....

    please excuse me Kristy as my instant reactions reveal themselves rather quite instantly 'cuz for sure i am nowhere near perfect, only human

    a rule bending rebel who if not satisfied with the bend, breaks it in half like a wishbone ....

    Jimi ( flying his freak flag high ) Bodansko ;O)

    1. :D Yes, perfect doesn't exist, of course, but some people think that they are too perfect to be our friends Mr. Jimi. I felt just like you when I got the sudden idea to write this poem. I remembered the old man, who was thinking that he is god, and I am his servant, I didn't send him to hell because he was the client on job, and I wanted to earn my salary, otherwise I would kick him up the ass. :)