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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


For many she is
just one more
newspaper's face
but for them
she is every rustle
every trail

They look for her
in every apartment
in every corner
of streets and squares

Sometimes some haircut
awakens their hope
that it's hers
but every time
an owner of haircut
looks at them confused

Sometimes they
get wind of how
only what is left
of the majority
of missing people
are their bones
but they still believe
that their beloved
with an angel's smile
couldn't die

And they
live forgetting
their lives
and they
look for her
and look for
and look for...


  1. Many times the vision,
    Many times we envision;
    Sorrow's phantom-people given.

    1. Nice verses. Thank you very much my friend for reading and commenting! :)