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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The wind has lost his mind

The wind has lost his mind
He is desperately howling
as if he knows my feelings

The wind has lost his mind
His thoughts are frozen
as if he knows you died

The wind has lost his mind
He is breaking glass and trees
as if he is mad at death

I have lost my mind
I hear your voice
I see your smile
as if you are alive


  1. Like this and so appropriate for today as we are experiencing a howling gale!

  2. We have the cousin to the one you write about. He is she is as fickle as a twelve year old boy and feelings about girls. Seasons bring the best and worst to us. Just as time moves its silent breath among the gails. Wonderfully written Kristy
    Front Porch Muse

  3. I like how you related the wind to your acquaintance, I didn't know where you where going till the last verse. Well done my friend

    1. Thank you very much Harold! :) I also didn't know where I will go, but the wind was too strong, and my feelings too.